Reliably measure the CBD

It comes from Marijuana growers in Colorado, where medicinal Cannabis is legal. A laboratory analysis of Charlotte’s Web of the ROC Laboratories [Realm of Caring], done on October 16, 2013, reports a total Sera Labs CBD Oil content of 7.28% and 0.24% THC. These figures suggest that Charlotte’s Web should be a cross between highly resinous Cannabis and industrial Cannabis. For marketing purposes, Charlotte’s Web has been promoted as Hemp and nothing but Hemp.

Rumors abound about the origin of this strain. Its CBD content is almost the same as found in some shoots of ‘Finola’, an industrial hemp grown by the nutritious proteins of its seeds and the oil of its seeds by Jace Callaway, an American medical chemist who lives in Finland.

We reliably measure the CBD in ‘Finola’ samples up to 8% under open pollination conditions (individual plants) but the field average is between 3% and 4%, Callaway told Project Sera Labs CBD Oil and added ‘ Finola ‘typically has radii of 1:15 THC and CBD. Some individual plants can be isolated or cloned from ‘Finola’ with much larger radii … These are now everywhere.

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